The Preneed Dilemma

  • An active Preneed program is essential to the security and growth of your funeral home
  • As a busy owner/operator, the time and resources required for an active Preneed program are a challenge
  • Preneed competition has grown, with more firms vying for your families’ loyalty
  • Discount providers have eroded the value of funeral service, and created challenges your previous ownership did not face

The Solution Is Clear

With over a decade of hands-on Preneed experience, we know the challenges you face, and have proven systems to address the challenges and opportunities that confront your business.

Epilogue Planning Professionals, LLC is a Preneed sales and marketing organization that specializes in promoting the value of funeral service, and securing future business for your firm.

We are a full-service agency, that aims to tailor our services to fit your needs.

Our service offerings include:

  • Preneed agent coaching and training (providing contracted agent when needed)
  • Market analysis
  • Family contact management
  • Family aftercare program
  • Customer satisfaction monitoring and reporting
  • Direct mail programs
  • Seminar programs
  • Social media content development
  • Warm lead management
  • Ad design and placement
  • Community networking

What Makes Us Different

We walk the walk.

Jamie Allar

Jamie Allar


Founder and President Jamie Allar has been entrenched in Preneed service, having worked directly with families in Wisconsin for over a decade.

Jamie knows the value of funeral service from having listened to what thousands of families have shared … that funerals really do matter.

The funeral profession is facing challenging times. You need a Preneed partner that understands these challenges well, and can respond quickly.

At Epilogue Planning Professionals, we are passionate about providing value to your families, with a meaningful experience that begins long before the need arises.

We can be stronger together.

A vigilant and compassionate Preneed team is your first line of defense against discounters whose sole focus is selling price versus value.

Taking time to educate families before the need arises is essential to the preservation of service, and time to a busy staff of funeral directors is often in short supply.

Funding advance funerals is only part of the story. We also aim to coordinate a well-documented customer file. Less paperwork for your at-need staff means they will have more time to focus on truly doing what they do best … attending to families.

“We have entrusted our pre-need program to Jamie Allar for nearly a decade. Jamie’s passion for funeral service is exemplified with hundreds of satisfied families served. The ability to count on a trusted pre-need partner has been a key factor in allowing our directors to focus on doing what we do best with at-need families. Jamie and the Epilogue team are real assets to our profession!”

Frank Pisarski, Jr.

Owner/Director, Pisarski Funeral Home - Stevens Point, WI

“Since using Epilogue, our pre-need has increased dramatically. Epilogue has all the tools to market your funeral home and staff. The people at Epilogue have been great to work with and our families appreciate the time spent on their behalf.”

Jeff Hemer

Owner, Hemer Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Medford & Rib Lake Wisconsin

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jamie and Patricia from Epilogue Planning Professionals, for the past year. Their knowledge and expertise in funeral pre-planning has been remarkable. From arranging “table talk” community presentations, to meeting personally with families, they have promoted my business with great dignity and respect. I believe that Epilogue is a professional company that would be an asset to any funeral home. Epilogue’s aftercare card system has generated wonderful feedback, and allows us to demonstrate our continued care for families in that important first year after their loss.”

Jeffrey Stahl

Owner/Director, Stahl Funeral Home - Plainfield, WI

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