If you’re thinking of being cremated after you die but the typical urn seems a little – well – boring, here are a few creative ways for your loved ones to keep you around after you’re gone:

  1. An Hourglass

Hourglass iconography on gravestones dates back to at least the Puritans. At least one company has created an hourglass-shaped urn that can accommodate the ashes of one or two loved ones.  Lifetime Hourglass Urns.

  1. A Vinyl Record

One British company presses ashes into a vinyl record. Families can provide the audio or have the service compose an original song. And Vinyly

  1. A Diamond Ring

The memorial jewelry company LifeGem uses carbon from cremains to create artificial diamonds of assorted cuts, colors, clarity, and carats. The gems can be used to make various pieces of jewelry. LifeGem

  1. A Teddy Bear

At least one company stores cremains inside the plush and cuddly body of a stuffed animal. In The Light Urns

  1. Tattoos

Tattoo artists can sterilize cremains and then mix them with the tattoo ink, before creating a memorial tattoo.

  1. A Portrait

A portrait artist can mix cremains into their paints, and create a special memorial portrait, landscape, or still life.

  1. Stained Glass

At least one company will use some of your ashes and embed them into a piece of hand crafted glass art, or even a stained glass window. Scattering Ashes

  1. Fireworks

Companies like Heavenly Stars Fireworks will transform your ashes into fireworks that will scatter your ashes and send you out with a bang. Heavenly Stars Fireworks

  1. Rifle & Shotgun Shells

If hunting is more your thing, Holy Smoke will turn a portion of your ashes into ammunition, placing a measured portion of ash into each shotshell or cartridge, for one last hunting trip.  Holy Smoke LLC


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