Advance funeral planning is on the rise.

A recent survey done by Harris Poll for the Funeral and Memorial Information Council (FAMIC) found that over two-thirds (69%) of adults over 40 admitted they would prefer to arrange their own funeral service.

Homesteaders Life Company, founded in 1906 for the purpose of providing final expense insurance, asked funeral planners to rate the most important reasons for funeral pre-arrangement:

  1. Eliminate the emotional burden from your children (91%).

The passing of a loved one can be a stressful time. There are a lot of decisions to be made.

Because of heightened emotions, those decisions can be clouded by grief, with the added stress sometimes leading to disagreements and hurt feelings among surviving family members.

By pre-planning your funeral and making advance arrangements, you can remove this burden from your loved ones, so they can focus on grieving and supporting each other during a difficult and emotional time, instead of stressing out with funeral arrangements.

  1. Eliminate the financial burden from your children (89%).

Many people have very limited financial means, and little or no savings set aside for sudden expenses.

By pre-arranging your funeral, including pre-funding arrangements, you are able to save your family from having to pay for all of the funeral expenses out of their own pockets on short notice, also saving them time and the associated stress.

  1. Lock in prices (85%).

Like all other products and services, the cost of a funeral increases with inflation.

While it varies by state and by funeral home, many funeral homes may offer an option to lock in the prices of a funeral with prices set at the time of pre-arrangement.

If this option is available to you, by pre-arranging and pre-funding your funeral you may be able to freeze the cost of guaranteed services and may end up paying much less than if you were to pay the prices in effect 5, 10, or 15 years in the future.

  1. Choose your desired arrangements (85%).

A funeral is a celebration of a loved one’s life, and every life is unique.By prearranging, you can choose exactly what you want your funeral to be like. You can make it as specific as you want. You can personalize your funeral to showcase your passions and hobbies, along with your most precious memories.

People prearrange their funerals for many different reasons.

Some who prearrange feel as though they are still caring for their loved ones even after they have passed on. It may be a way to leave one last gift for their family, to take care of the financial costs, and to let their final wishes be known.

No matter what your reason for funeral preplanning may be, it’s important to talk with your loved ones and local funeral provider about your options and wishes.

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